About Us

At Scentimental, we believe that fragrance is an essential part of life with the power to trigger positive emotions and enhance lives. We create fragrances for people that seek to empower themselves, connect with the world and contribute to the sustainable development of our world.

Each scent is developed to have its own unique depth and heritage allowing you to create an individual, personal experience scentimental to you.

Founded in 2015 by Salma Bello, an ardent fragrance lover, Scentimental is a British-Nigerian premium fragrance label that creates artisanal scents inspired by travel, heritage and our founder’s memories.

Scentimental's fragrances are developed in London, England to IFRA standards with each product carefully curated in London or Lagos using the finest, sustainable ingredients where possible.


Our Story

Scentimental was first established in Lagos, Nigeria in September 2015 and was originally founded to help Nigerians better access to premium quality interior fragrances with each fragrance carefully selected to inspire people to discover new places via scents while educating people on each fragrance’s origin and benefit.

5 years later, the brand’s purpose has evolved as our founder has been drawn deeper into the world of fragrances and what it means to create fragrances that truly touches the lives of those involved from the people who carefully hand-crafts each product to our consumers that light up with each whiff of our fragrance. 

“My vision is to share my interpretation of places as well as my personal stories and experiences through each fragrance that I create. I hope each fragrance either invokes, inspires or implants beautiful memories in your minds bringing you as much joy and happiness as it does me” - Salma