About Us

“The dearest things in life are not owned, they are felt - rich in Scentimental value”

Fragrance is much more than just an enchanting whiff of a scent. On the contrary, a fragrance encapsulates the entire line of thought, story, process, and execution behind its unique conception - “A memory waxed in time”. 

At Scentimental, skilled ingenious artisans bring into being, scents which individually speak to a myriad of cultural depths and heritage. With each of our fragrance compositions, the key ingredient is a vibrant effusion of culture.
As the saying goes "memories are like antiques, the older they become, the more value they hold”, so it is with Scentimental - personal, intimate and memorable fragrance which leave a lingering sense of nostalgia as well as a footprint on your bucket list/travel map.

“Scentimental cannot be reduced to a scent or perfume; it is a multi-layered experience"

About Our Founder

Following her visit to the perfume capital of the world, Grasse in France, Scentimental was founded in 2015. Scentimental is a fragrance brand Salma strives to deliver at an accessible price point across the globe with an intentional level of sophistication. She gets her inspiration from her travels, memories, and discovery of new places. 

Today, Scentimental aims to uniquely influence the lives of artisans and customers alike with each of its fragrance lines. With her constant choice of soft notes with rich exotic infusions, Scentimental is a unique combination of culture, heritage, and a handful of travel journal entries.