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Diffuser Refill 150ml

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Our oil based reed diffusers will give your room stronger & longer lasting scents and can last up to 12 weeks.

Perfect for larger rooms & spaces.


Our refills ensure you maximise your reed diffuser bottles while saving money and the environment

Product Information 

    • Made from a sustainable base oil and fragrance oils
    • Can last up to 12 weeks depending on the size and condition of your room
    • Comes a set of 8-10 replacement reeds
    • 150ml

How to Use

Scentimental diffusers is the best way to keep the constant ambience of whatever city or country fragrance you decide to go for. Here are a few tips & instructions on how to use your refill: 

  • Unscrew the silver collar, carefully remove the plastic stopper and then replace the silver collar.
  • Insert between 4 and 8 reeds (depending on the strength of fragrance desired) into the diffuser oil. The reeds will absorb the fragrance to perfectly scent your room.
  • We recommend turning the reeds every week to refresh the fragrance. High fragrance content means you only need a few reeds to perfectly scent a room. 
  • The rattan reeds can be left unattended or you can remove the reeds and replace the stopper for occasional use.
  • Inverting the reeds or increasing the number of reeds will strengthen the fragrance.
  • Do not light the reeds as they are flammable – keep away from flame or high heat.